I married the boss’s daughter.

And then said “I do” a second time when I took over the family business. It wasn’t easy, the business, but we never missed a payroll and built incredible relationships with our customers. We maintained and repaired owner/operator trucks and large corporate fleets and equipment. If it was broken, we got it fixed. We prided ourselves in being available 24/7 and knew that the equipment needed to be at work for our customers to succeed and then we would succeed as well. Families don’t eat if the equipment isn’t working.

With the experience of building those relationships with customers and being the “only phone number they need to remember” to get their fleets looked after, we have built FITTERFLEETS.com The customer relationships are why we are here. We know what fleet managers go through when units aren’t operating and we want to be that go to location for the information needed.

We at FITTER FLEETS have been involved in keeping FLEET systems flowing smoothly and competently for our entire career. We understand that every commodity that society depends on has been touched by large and small FLEETS that are expected to be and regulated to be operated to the highest standards. We have seen these standards change drastically over the last number of years and we are committed to helping FLEET managers know what and where to find the best FLEET systems out there to become FITTER FLEETS.

Commercial truck FLEETS are the economic bloodstream of our nearly every aspect of our lives. Our ability to go about our daily life of working and building bigger and better business, enjoying life together with family and society and not being concerned about what is on the grocery shelf or if there is fuel at the pumps, can I purchase that thing I need and can I get it here tomorrow. Everything we do depends on FLEETS that are fit and compliant and competitive.

This is your CHEATSHEET. The one place that you will be rewarded for taking the shortcut. We at FITTERFLEETS.COM are proud to be a part of the bloodstream of your business.

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Let’s accomplish this mission.

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