Comprehensive WEX Fuel Card Review and Guide

We are providing a WEX fuel card introduction that should clear up any misconceptions about this card and help you decide if it is right for your business. With so many different types of fuel cards for fleets available now, it can be pretty difficult to get the latest and most accurate information.

We’ll show you how the WEX Fleet and Fleet Flex cards can help meet some of your business needs, what they have to offer, and what real-life users have to say. So, let’s take a look at the WEX fuel card and find out more about what it has to offer.

Key Takeaways of WEX Fuel Cards

  • The WEX Fleet Card and Flexcard have a wide range of features, not least of which is providing drivers with access to discounted fuel. With other features such as advanced analytics, spending controls, and discounts with the EDGE Savings Network, you will be getting more than just about any other card. They also offer US-based customer service around the clock.
  • One thing that you should be aware of is that this card has an interest rate of 6.77%. While that is not really high in comparison to non-fuel credit cards, it can cause some problems for you. In fact, the rate itself could negate any savings you get from the card. The key is to try not to carry a balance on the Flexcard at all so you won’t be charged interest.
  • Security and expense management features are available from day one, and include the ability to require a driver ID when the user is buying fuel.
  • The WEX Fleet Card network is very large, with more than 95% of all American gas stations accepting the card. The cards also provide additional features such as an employee reward program which drivers seem to like. On the downside, some users have mentioned that the customer service might not always be up to par and the fees associated with the car can be pretty steep.

Introduction to WEX Fleet Card

Introduction to WEX Fleet Card and  WEX Fuel Card

The WEX Fleet Card is one of the leading fuel cards, incorporating convenience and security with savings on fuel. It also offers advanced analytics, spending controls, and the ability to access the EDGE Savings Network for even more discounts.

It was created for businesses of all sizes as a way to help them reduce their fuel expenditure and manage drivers, vehicles, and fuel in a more streamlined manner.

While there are plenty of very positive reviews for the WEX Fleet Card, some people have mentioned that getting the company to actually stipulate what the anticipated savings will be is difficult. WEX seems to be somewhat vague about what rebates are to be expected for a particular volume of fuel.

WEX provides 24/7 customer support for its Fleet Card users, and because the service is based in the United States, you don’t have to worry about cultural or language barriers when you are in need of support.

Introduction to WEX Fleet Flexcard

Introduction to WEX Fleet Flex card and WEX Fuel Card

The WEX Fleet Flexcard is a more basic alternative to the Fleet Card and it seems to be designed for smaller companies. There is no annual fee and you can carry a balance from month to month, but be prepared to pay the rather high interest rate.

In order to determine if this card is right for you, let’s take a look at how to get started, what features to expect, and how the card works in the real world. We will cover the following items:

  • The setup process
  • Features
  • Real-world performance
  • Network coverage

Setting Up Your WEX Fleet Card

Setting Up Your WEX Fleet Card WEX Fuel Card

Setting up the WEX Fleet Card is about as easy as it gets. Once you get your card or cards in the mail, simply sign on to the Online Service Center to activate them. Keep in mind though that some cards may not even require activation. If they do, the activation code can be found in the welcome letter that includes the card. If you can’t find your activate code, you can call the Service Center directly and they will be able to help you.

Each card that you receive will include a driver guide that outlines the steps that should be taken when using the card. These include how to swipe the fuel card, the importance of entering the odometer reading, and the driver ID number at the pump to protect against fraudulent purchases. The card can also be used for service and maintenance purchases as long as this feature has been set up by the fleet manager.

Understanding the WEX Fleet Card Features

Advanced spending controls can be a way for companies to start realizing savings on their fuel purchases. The fleet manager can set up spending limits for each card in the following ways:

  • Imposing purchase restrictions on product type
  • Imposing purchase restrictions on the amount that is being spent
  • Imposing purchase restrictions based on timing (amount per day, etc.)

For businesses that have had problems with drivers misusing credit cards in the past, this is an essential feature that will likely curb any unauthorized use of the card.

The WEX EDGE savings network is accessible through this card which means that you will have additional savings on products and services

WEX also offers the DriverDash app and mobile account management options. These include a 24/7 customer service team that can help you set up your individual cards, set up your spending limits, and create reports that provide you with the data that you require.

Real-Life Performance of the WEX Fleet Card

Real-Life Performance of the WEX Fleet Card

The real test of any fuel card is to see how real drivers and fleet managers feel about it. Some users have reported that the WEX Fleet Card charges unanticipated fees, and the customer service experience wasn’t to their liking.

The 6.77% interest rate is also something that you will need to consider and work into your equation when it comes to how much money you are actually saving. In some cases, the interest rate actually resulted in charges that were more than what was saved through the fleet card’s advertised discounts.

Of course, the interest rate will only be an issue if the card is not paid off in full and on time. But, putting fuel on this card is still going to be cheaper than if you use a traditional credit card that offers no discounts on fuel.

Assessing the WEX Fleet Card Network

The WEX Fleet Card is known for its network coverage that encompasses around 95% of the gas stations in the U.S. This equates to more than 100,000 fuel stations, making it one of the more accepted cards on the market today.

The WEX EDGE savings network is also beneficial since it provides further discounts on fuel, tires, hotels, and wireless services. By using the WEX Connect app, drivers will discover more features such as the ability to quickly find gas stations in the network, and have access to real-time fuel pricing at nearby stations.

Evaluating WEX Fleet Card Security Measures

Security is obviously important when you are looking to provide drivers with a credit card. Not only do you need to worry about abuse and fraud, but having a firm grip on security will enable you to be sure just who is using the card, what they are buying, and how often they are making purchases. The WEX card requires a driver’s ID as well as a PIN and odometer reading when they are using it. This can certainly reduce or eliminate misuse if a card is lost or stolen.

WEX uses a variety of advanced security measures, including:

  • Two-factor authentication
  • Fraud protection with real-time alerts and monitoring
  • Specific protocols to prevent unauthorized use, quick and easy reporting of lost or stolen cards, and fleet manager authority to deactivate cards for any reason.

The DriverDash app also makes it easy to make secure transactions remotely, and to cancel or suspend cards quickly, and the customer service team is always there to help you if you need it.

WEX Fleet Card Expense Management

The WEX Fleet Card makes expense management a lot easier for fleet managers. It comes with a suite of analytical tools, including GPS tracking and ClearView solutions. These are designed to help optimize fuel purchases and reduce spending. The ClearView reporting system also provides the tools necessary for efficient cost management.

You can set the system up to provide you with purchase alerts that will give you real-time notifications of transactions. This helps with monitoring spending and detecting any unauthorized or irregular use. The detailed reports that are available can also be customized to meet your needs so you can always have a real-time view of your spending and your savings.

WEX fleet card employee benefits program

WEX fleet card employee benefits program

The WEX Fleet Card is known for its valuable employee benefits program that provides perks for employees. Not only do these benefits help your employees to feel like they are part of a team, but they can increase loyalty and improve productivity as well.

But, as a fleet manager, you know that the most important feature for you is the ability to see all aspects of your fuel expenditure in one place. This will help you save time, reduce expenses, and keep better control over your fleet.

Final Thoughts on the WEX Fleet Card and the WEX Fleet Flexcard

The WEX Fleet Card and the WEX Fleet Flexcard both offer features for fleets of all sizes. The price per card on a monthly basis is low ($2-$4 per month), and the large network that can be utilized makes this a valuable benefit for any driver.

There are some drawbacks of course, such as the high interest rate on the Flex card, but most users seem to believe that this card is well worth the price for the savings that it provides.

The WEX Fleet Card offers:

  • A large acceptance network
  • Strong security
  • Customizable expense management tools
  • Employee benefits program

All of these features make the WEX Fleet Card a strong choice for any company looking to venture into the world of fleet fuel cards.


The WEX Fleet Card and the WEX Fleet Flexcard are essentially designed to help businesses reduce fuel costs and manage expenses in a more controlled fashion. By including features such as spending controls, a benefits program, and a very large fueling network, there is no doubt that this card would benefit almost any fleet.

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